Every business needs some channels to communicate with their customers or vendors. Though there are  many different ways for business communication, Email is one of  the most trusted and reliable  one.

In This article, we are going to introduce you Business Email in very simple words, and then take a look on common ways for Creating a business email.

What is Business Email

Business email – is a method of communication in business, which relies on Email Service for transferring electronic messages, files and  so on  in Business, Email communication plays an essential role in establishing relationships with colleagues, partners, and customers of company. All the email addresses in business email are created and managed by their business owners.

Most business email services support other integrated tools in addition to sending and receiving emails. These tools simplify team working with minimal coordination.

You can share email folders, organize email messages, access to corporate calendar, manage your contacts and many other tools in business email service.

The main difference between business and free emails are in their domains. A business email ended up with its business domain name, such as name@yourcompany.com. Instead, free emails are always include free email service provider’s domain, such as name@gmail.com.

Nowadays Business email is a critical for all businesses with any size, because of all it’s benefits and security options.

Steps to create your Business Email

there are many ways that you can establish your business email, here is main steps:

step 1: Buy a dedicated domain for your business

In order to create your business email,  first you need to prepare a Domain for your business. The domain will placed in the email address after @. If you have already purchased a domain for your organization, you can set up the email service on it.

Step 2: Setting up the business email

business email service can be set up in two ways from the point of view of hardware ownership. You can choose a method suitable for your organization to set up an enterprise email service. These methods are briefly:

Launching on the organization’s hardware platform (on-site installation)
Setting up on the cloud platform (installing the service outside the organization’s space)

3- Exploitation

The step after setting up the service is to provide the corporate email to your users. Defining email user accounts for the organization’s employees, defining conventional user accounts and creating default audience lists are among the activities that are performed in the email service operation phase.

business email

Advantages of Business Email

According to the statistics published by “Information & Marketing Society”, everyday billions of emails are being sent and received all over the world. A very large portion of this volume consists of business emails :.e. emails that are sent from organizations or companies to different people Companies. The fact that companies use their Business Email Service for communication instead of fax, paper mails, or letters, or phone calls, is due to the numerous advantages gained by using Business Email service.

Some of these advantages explained as follows:

  • implementing a customized connection between Customers and internal departments inside the company

A business email service facilitates the possibility of making a global index of addresses that should be available to all employees. These global addresses contain email addresses of all the employees and active teams of the company. Thus, your staff can achieve to global business email addresses of all their coworkers right after login to their business email accounts. Furthermore the possibility of using standard generic email accounts such as “info@companynam.com” or “sale@companyname.com”, all the employees and customers can contact with special teams in your company without needing to know the email address of the person who is responsible.

also from the viewpoint of the recipients, it is much easier to trace and follow up the emails from a company that uses its own domain name for the business email. for example supposed several of your employees have send separate emails to a potential customers. If your staffs use their business email accounts for communication, then your domain name is available in all the email addresses. So, it doesn’t make any different who the sender is, the recipient can easily search your domain and follow up all the messages sent from your company.

  • Reducing the cost of communication

dispatching paper letters or printed catalogues not only costs a lot, but also causes irreparable environmental damages. using a business email service reduce the communication with paper and greatly helps the protection and preservation of the environment. Also, due to the possibility of sharing documents in business email service, It will heavily reduces the cost of  internal communication of the company.

  • Secure and Safe Communication

Exchanging formal message, is the basic and primary service of every business email service. But it is very important for all business owners that their messages are sent and received throughout a safe and secure channel. A safe transform with a very high level of security is required for exchanging some secret documents, letters and internal matters of the company.

The business email service contains lots of tools such as Encryption and Digital sign, spam protection and Domain verification for preparing very safe and reliable communication. Also, in some companies email server’s storage placed inside the company. In this situation, all the information of the company’s business emails are completely stored internally more protected.

  • Efficient Features and Tools

Most enterprise companies require facilities for coordination and collaboration to handle their time and recourses. Nowadays business calendars, cloud storages, contact management services, and task management tools are used to optimize the team work and shared tasks management. These facilities are embedded inside all professional Business email services. Also  the integration of collaboration services to other services and infrastructure of the company, shall make the  business email service very important strategic and key tool for all businesses.

Cloud Email Service for business

There are lots of Business Email providers all around the word that bring different type of services and facilities for collaboration. But in recent decade cloud computing become a great method for delivering services faster and cheaper.

Touca is one of the leaders in business email Services offering various types of email platforms with providing a safe and stable service for all sort of businesses. Touca is available in two type : “Appeyk” a cloud-based email service and “Touca” a classic on premise service.

Either of which could be a very good and suitable choice for your company. You can use cloud business email service which is very fast to set up and very affordable coast size. The service have been designed and Implement by utilizing the best hardware and software infrastructures. For providing the best and highest quality of service you may visit up appey customer’s panel and by representing to purchase section, various types of services and packages are available. You can customize your service and choose the best suitable service to your business requirements.

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